The Only Humorous Defensive Driving Program Approved By NYS-DMV

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This is a 6-hour class designed to educate as well as to occupy and interest every participant.  What would happen if you took the comedic genius of Budd Freedman, founder of the famed Improv™, and married it to our traffic safety curriculum?  That was the idea of our President Richard Galante, giving birth to what has become one of the most revolutionary concept in traffic safety education.

In our course, the mundane traditional methods of presenting driver safety information takes a back seat. Instead, we utilize powerful, contemporary learning tools designed to reach the sophisticated driver of this modern age. Our tell-it-like-it-is program employs a provocative improvisational setting and highly skilled instructors who can deliver the message engagingly and humorously.

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There are no tests required and no hidden fees.